It has been a long time in the making, but now there finally is a new version with some exciting new features. As this release includes lots of changes under the hood, it would be greatly appreciated if you would take this for a spin and report any issues that might have sneaked in. The early release of the 2023 version has already been used by several users for some months and thanks to their feedback this latest beta version is now public for anyone to use.

Download for macOS

Download for Windows

Apple Silicon

The 2023 version supports new macOS features improving performance on Apple Silicon systems.
To enable this feature, please go to Audio & Midi Options > Performance Options and select “Apple Silicon”, then set the number of threads to the number of performance cores your Mac has and restart LiveProfessor.

Time Code support

It is now possible to trigger cues using Timecode. The time code has a dedicated input in the audio patch. Once patched, you can trigger cues in the same way as with Midi and OSC.

Change Log

Type Description  
Feature Possible to copy/save plugin settings between plugin instances. This can be done in the settings menu of each plugin  
Feature Possible to save/load plugin settings to/from a file  
Feature SMPTE Time Code Support – Possible to trigger cues from time code  
Feature Improved support for Apple Silicon, increasing performance.  
Improvement Changes to OSC control – There is now a global OSC control setting pr. project, that let’s you control the application directly via OSC  
Improvement Changes to the status bar, including a new system for measuring performance, removing the “DSP%” and instead showing processing time in milliseconds.  
Fix Lots of smaller fixes and improvements.  
Improvement Audio Performance window. The graph showing processing time can now be shown permanently in a separate panel.  
Improvement Updates to all underlying frameworks.  
Improvement Fixes for issues with plugin windows getting stuck on the external screen when loading the project without the screen attached.  
Fix Crash in Template Browser