Data Collection

The following is an overview of data collected by audioströ and audioström applications.  

Website and User forum  

Users who want to participate in the User Forum must provide an email address for user registration.  

Register users also have access to their license information. However, registration is not mandatory.  


Customers must provide billing information, such as real name and address.  

Credit card information is handled by and does not pass our servers.  


In order to verify the license, basic information such as a unique id of the system and license and application information is sent to the audioström server.  

This data includes hardware id, application version, and activation information. No user data is collected.

Crash logs  

Users can choose to send Crash logs audioström. These logs contain the following:  

  • Copy of actual crash log from the operating system  
  • Some necessary debug information from the last session, and the application settings.  
  • License information to identify the customer.   
  • Optional text-note provided by the customer.  

Transmission, Storage and sharing  

Data is sent via a secure, SSL, connection. Data collected under “Data Collection” is stored on the audioström server, and will under no circumstance be shared with any third party.  

User Analytics  

Apart from standard google web-analytics, no user data or actions are tracked.