• December 10, 2021 at 11:16 #6531

    Ive been pondering on the idea and benefits of a Show mode. A way to make the necessities of mixing a show easier to access. Once you turn show mode on some of the functions in the plug in window go away and if you click or touch anywhere on the plug window it would pull that plug in up. Just thinking of way to have a quicker workflow when needed. I use midi to fire view sets but sometimes I don’t need the entire view set. Selecting the little eye to get one plug in up is a bit tedious during a show. Any thoughts? I personally never have a need for audio mute, audio bypass, midi mute, and isolate during a show. Maybe those functions collect to a drop down menu like the cog wheel does for settings.

    Just thinking out loud here. Feel free to add ideas.

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