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In LiveProfessor, there are two ways to add plugins. If you simply add a new plugin from the Plugin Menu, it is just a simple independent unit that can be routed any way you like. You can connect it to the physical I/O or to other plugins.
The other way is by defining Signal Chains (Or Chains as we call them)

A chain is a collection of plugins where all plugins are connected in serial.

Working with chains has numerous advantages.
It makes it easy to organize plugins, for example all plugins that process the bass-guitar would be in the “Bass guitar” chain.
Changing the order of processing is easy, you can simple drag them around.
Replacing a plugin or bypassing the whole chain is easy. Also adding a new plugin to a chain requires no additional patching.
If you are using plugins that create extra latency, you can time align the chains to each other.

The Signal Chains are accessed by clicking the Signal Chains button on the top right.

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