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Installing both 32bit and 64bit plugins (and maybe hosts) on the same machine can cause some confusion.
Users should be aware that the two plugin types are usually installed in to different directories. The 32bit and 64bit versions of LiveProfessor will therefore need to be pointed to different folders when scanning for plugins.

The 32bit plugins are usually found in the folder «C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins»
Some like to live in the «C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\VstPlugins» folder.

The 64bit plugins usually installs to «c:\ProgramFiles\Steinberg\VstPlugins» or «C:\ProgramFiles\VstPlugins».
So the same folders except that the 32bit plugins are in the ProgramFiles folder named x86.
In addition some 64bit plugins like to live in the «C:\Program Files\Common Files\VSTPlugins» folder.

If you are scanning the wrong folder the plugins will show up with the status “Failed! Error trying to load a 32bit plugin in 64bit host” or similar.

You may also want to read this tip on running 32bit and 64bit plugins in the same host using third party utilities.

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