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Each plugin and chain in LiveProfessor has a set of common controls

This section will explain each of them

Enable Processing


When the button is green the plugin/chain will be processed. If it is off no calls will be made and no audio will be sent to/from the plugin.

Audio Bypass


When a plugin is bypassed, (Button is red) the plugin does not process the audio but rather passes the input to the output unchanged.

Note that Audio Gain and Audio Mute still apply

Audio Mute


No audio is sent from the plugin/chain

Midi Mute


No new midi notes are sent to the plugin. For the keyboard players

This only stops new note presses, allowing you to mute while holding a chord and still let the plugin receive the note-off messages.

ISO (isolate)


When the plugin is set to isolate it will it’s settings will not be when you recall snapshots.

Input and output gain

This is volume control that you can apply to the audio input and output of each plugin/chain

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