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LiveProfessor can be controlled using OSC (Open Sound Control)
This works by sending UDP messages over the network.

To enable OSC control, create a new OSC controller in the Controllers window.

You can create knobs, faders and buttons, like with the MIDI controllers.
This could be used for apps such as TouchOSC.

Once an OSC controller has been added, LiveProfessor will respond to a set of commands defined in the list below. LiveProfessor will also send back data for display on the controller (if implemented) 

Note that for these commands to work you still need to create an OSC controller, but you could just leave it “empty”, without buttons, knobs, etc.
As long as an empty OSC controller is added to the project, these commands will work. You can also add multiple OSC controllers

List Of OSC Commands

Global Snapshots

/GlobalSnapshots/Recall [snapshot number (number)]
This number is zero-based, so 0 is the first snapshot, it can be sent as float or int
/GlobalSnapshots/Recall [snapshot name (text)]
Recall snapshot by name (string)
This will send back /GlobalSnapshots/Name for all snapshots, so you can rebuild a list of snapshots

Global Snapshot Feedback

Parameters: Name of the snapshot, Index of snapshot
Parameters: Name of the snapshot, Index of snapshot
Parameters: Name of the snapshot, Index of snapshot
Parameters: Name of the snapshot, Index of snapshot
Parameters: Name of the snapshot, Index of snapshot
The list order has changed, use /GlobalSnapshots/Refresh to get the list

/Cue/Recall [ListNumber (text)]  [CueNumber (text)]
/Cue/Recall [CueNumber (text)]  (The cue list must be armed if no list is set) 

Cue Lists

/Cue/Recall [ListNumber (text)] [CueNumber (text)]
Recall a cue from a specific cue list
/Cue/Recall [CueNumber (text)]

Cue List Feedback

Parameter: Name, Name of the next cue to fire has changed
Parameter: Name, Name of the active cue has changed


/ViewSets/Recall [int]
Recall a specific view set (zero-based)
Sends /ViewSets/Update for all view sets so you can update a list

View Sets Feedbacks

View Set has been added, removed, renamed
View set has been recalled

Generic Application Commands

Will send back all view sets and global snapshot names
Will send back status info (at the moment the “DSP-meter” value)
You will get back:
/DSPmeter with value as a float parameter
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4 Comments on “OSC Control”

  1. Awesome !
    I just discovered these touchOSC options, that’s great !

    But i can’t manage to have a direct Cue recall.

    I tried all different combination of /Cue/Recall [CueNumber (text)] but i can’t 🙁

    What’s the exact message to recall Cue number 1 for example ?

  2. Any thoughts about implementing for example touch and turn function with digico osc?
    Or maybe direct control for inserted plugins on channels ?

  3. Is there anyone that can get me going in the right direction how to map the controls of the Behringer X32 rack to plugin controls in Live Professor through OSC Commands? I have OSCulator but cannot seem to find any resources on how to set this up.

  4. Any chance for an updated list of OSC commands in LP2 BETA ? and… any chance for a “get plugin name” command so we can view it in smth like TouchOSC or Open Stage ?
    THNX 😎

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