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LiveProfessor has a set of Midi Modifiers and filters that can be applied to each plugin.

This can be accessed in the Midi Panel with a plugin selected.


Must be turned on by clicking the enable button.


is the well-known feature of shifting the incoming notes up or down by the specified amount of semitones.

Channel Change

Changes the channel sent to the plugin. So if your keyboard is sending on channel one you can translate this to channel four.

Key zones

Using key zones, you can limit the area of the keyboard where this plugin responds.

Click the Set Lower or Set Upper buttons and hit a note on the keyboard to define the zone.
Combined with the transpose modifier, zones enable you divide your keyboard between multiple plugins.


The MIDI filter can be used to filter out any type of MIDI message that you don’t want to send to the plugin. The filter is defined by clicking on the Edit button.

The MIDI Modifiers can be changed during performance by using the Cus List and a MIDI Patch Cue.

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