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LiveProfessor Changelog


Release date: 28 February, 2023

  • Potential crash when entering bypass mode of a chain
  • Project load on application startup would be aborted if the program had an abnormal shutdown.


Release date: 13 February, 2023

  • Could experience clicks when enabling/disabling bypass
  • Crash when recalling plugins with plugin order in chains
  • Issue with rescanning for failed plugins
  • Fixed a bug with interpreting float numbers and strings in OSC messages
  • Added better multichannel support in the Chains. Chains will now try to set speaker configuration on the plugins (VST3/AU)
  • Softube VST3 plugins now re-enabled


Release date: 15 October, 2022

  • Issue with triggering cues via OSC
  • UAD plugins complain about wrong sample rate


Release date: 30 August, 2022

  • Duplicating AU V3 plugin inside a chain could lead to freeze
  • Graphics issue in the navigator window
  • Freeze when loading projects (Settings audio device) on mac with M1


Release date: 15 August, 2022

  • A problem where audio would pass thru on first opening the program.
  • Buzzing sound could occur when closing projects
  • Increased the number of side chain channels possible in Chains


Release date: 08 August, 2022

  • Freeze when loading some projects
  • Problems with some AU plugins, leading to a freeze when updating snapshots and duplicating plugins


Release date: 04 August, 2022

  • An issue with transport and tempo not working for plugins inside chains after project load.


Release date: 24 July, 2022

  • Completely new audio engine. The new Engine should improve performance and better low latency multi-thread processing
  • Improved handling of plugins with multiple busses and different channel layouts
  • Fixed issues with some plugin’s GUIs crashing
  • Improved Companion support
  • Fixed bug related to stopping audio cues
  • Navigator has colours matching the chain colours



  • Support for Apple M1

Side note for OSX, LiveProfessor now uses a newer version of the OSX SDK. Some plugins might need updating to work with this. This means Plugin Alliance plugins will not work until PA updates.

  • Chain Snapshots; Chains can have individual snapshots just like plugins. These snapshots store all settings of the plugins within the chain.
  • Chains can now have up to 16 Channels.
  • The Listen-bus handles mono/stereo better.
  • Fixed bug in wire view
  • If a plugin should crash during project load, there will now be an option to skip this on the next load.
  • Fixed a crash when loading some midi devices
  • Possible to select the number of channels for plugins loaded outside chains.
  • On OSX, prevent app nap and try to avoid being down prioritized.
  • Updates to plugin scanner
  • Plugin scanner restarts if a plugin crashes.
  • Changed the multithreading system, now possible to select between two modes and select the number of threads to use.
  • Fixed cues not updating graphics
  • Improvements to ViewSets.
  • Changes related to licenses and updates.



  • Crashes on windows with RME USB driver when loading projects.
  • Issues with input gain
  • Crashes related to view sets when loading projects



  • An issue with saving companion controller
  • Wrong latency displayed in plugin after changing sample rate



  • Fixed Waves V12 plugins on OSX. Had to make a compromise here so the oldest Waves version that works is now 11.0.60
  • Added support for Companion/Streamdeck (Thanks Romain)
  • Improved OSC control
  • Renaming plugins did not refresh names in the wire view
  • Custom OSC trigger on each cue
  • Possible to send OSC from a cue
  • An issue with scaling of plugin windows on Win 10
  • Disable processing did not keep gain
  • Added more relative encoder modes
  • Improved selection of colours in chains
  • The window could be dragged in full-screen mode
  • Plugin windows load at screen centre as default
  • Audio mute affects input not working as it should
  • OSX 10.12 is the oldest supported Mac OS

OSC Documentation has been updated



  • Fixed a bug where the wrong I/O was activated.



  • Fixes related to the offline-mode.
    The idea is that if you have a main rig where you are connected to, lets say a USB-Interface on a mixer.
    If you open the project on your laptop, without connection to the USB interface, you will enter a “offline-mode” the connections of the USB will be virtual and any changes to the selection of audio device will not be saved. Once you connect to the right audio device the project will be online and your patch will remain intact.
  • Last version to support OSX 10.11



  • Now possible to edit a project while the audio device is not connected
  • Meters have improved performance.
  • Possible to open individual plugin windows from controllers
  • No longer defaults to the onboard sound device if connection lost
  • Improved plugin compatibility
  • Improved activation of I/O channels (speed)
  • Ask to load correct audio device when loading project
  • Crash when deleting several cues in the cue list in one action
  • Pops and clicks when clicking on the bypass/enable buttons
  • Sidechain busses are now labelled correctly in the patch view



  • Fixed a crash when recalling Global Snapshot Cues, without a global snapshot
  • “Audio mute affects input” option was not properly saved with project
  • Listen bus was sometimes summed to mono for stereo sources
  • Recalling a view set, releases the Touch’n turn feature of hardware controllers. Also closing the plugin UI will release the control.
  • The order of chains in the Patch View now follow the vertical order of chains in the chain view.
  • New version numbers reflecting year and release number instead of just a number.
  • It is now possible to rename chains and plugins from multiple new places with in the application.
  • More program commands (like menus) can be controlled via MIDI/OSC



  • Crash with midi only plugins
  • Added support for MP3 and FLAC in Cue Lists
  • Fixed potential crash with plugin snapshots recalled from Cue Lists
  • Issues with audio playback in cues, fade times, wait times etc.
  • Minor UI changes in cue lists.
  • Potential crash when closing plugin UI window
  • Global Snapshots in cues ignores ISO settings while fading
  • “Stop All” command now stops all waits, fades and audio cues
  • An issue with recalling workspaces in global snapshots using cues
  • Possible to use hardware encoders that send “relative midi events”
  • Updated all plugin hosting frameworks.
  • Comment cue would blank out during editing.



Note – this release includes 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 that where hot-fixes on osx

  • Fixed bug with audio fade cues and audio playback
  • Fixed crash when recalling view sets in cue lists, also global snapshots in cue lists that recall workspaces or view sets
  • Fixes for OSX Mojave
  • Added a checkbox in the DSP meter to show dropouts reported from the sound device.
    The usual meter only shows that LiveProfessor was able to process the audio on time, the info from the sound device will show if the audio was interrupted somewhere else (like USB issues), depending on the sound device.
  • Updated VST/AU Plugin framework and other 3rd-party tools



  • Bugfix, an issue with cue list timers not being precise
  • Added option to fade global snapshots in a cue list
  • Touch’n turn feature in hardware controllers, if mapped to this, the controller will be assigned to the last plugin parameter clicked on
  • Bugfix, relative controllers could set parameters beyond their normal range (in some plugins)
  • When a plugin is added to a chain, recalling a global snapshot without this plugin, will not set the plugin to bypass. (old behaviour can be set in program options)
  • Option in each plugin window to hide buttons and meters in order to save space on the screen
  • In hardware controllers, there is now an option to copy the mapping of a plugin to all other plugins of the same type.
  • Various smaller fixes and improvements.
  • Possible to organize global snapshots in folders



  • Bugfix, crash related to cue lists and midi triggers
  • Bugfix, crash when opening Global Snapshot filter window



  • Improve support for Waves V10. After updating to Waves v10, old projects should load fine in 2.2.1 (2.2.0 will ask for missing plugins)
  • Changed the global snapshot filter so that plugins inside chains are sorted correctly.
  • Added options for how new plugins should be filtered in existing global snapshots. (Program options)
  • Crash after replacing plugins



  • New: Option to disable plugins in the plugin manager, they will not show up again on the next scan.
  • New: Added a “Listen button” on the chains and plugins that are inside chains. When this button is activated, the signal from that chain or plugin is sent directly to a special Listen Bus, this can then be routed to outputs for headphones or similar. There is also an option under Project Options, that lets this button work as a Solo In Place button for the chains.
  • New: Added Midi triggers directly on Global Snapshots. There is now a midi button on each global snapshot, clicking on it enables you to “Learn” a midi trigger from any open MIDI device.
  • New: Added a new entry in the Global Snapshot Filter to not load plugin “Chunks” plugins will then only be recalled with the editable parameters, not the entire program with samples and other data.
  • New: Chains have been added to the Global Snapshot Filter List, this lets you choose to not recall gain, bypass etc for selected chains.
  • New Cue Type: Audio Stop Cue, Stops playback of selected audio cue
  • New Cue Type: Audio Fade Cue, Sets a new level (with optional fade time)
  • New: Chains have been added to the Global Snapshot Filter List, this lets you choose to not recall gain, bypass etc for selected chains.
  • Fixed: When mapping controllers to plugin parameters not all parameters on the plugin were visible
  • Fixed: Midi triggers not working on cues that have been copied
  • Fixed: Graphics issue with Route Cue editor
  • Fixed: Hanging Midi notes when turning off/on processing on a plugin while holding keys
  • Fixed: issue with the docking panels on OSX
  • Improved: Plugins outside chain, now opens all available IO on a plugin (limited to 32/32)
  • Improved: Updated the underlying coding framework, with many changes.
  • Improved: The editor for wait times and fade times in the cue lists
  • Improved: There is now a stop button on the bottom of the cues lists, this stops all running audio cues.
  • Improved: Audio cues now have 8 stereo outputs instead of 4
  • Improved: Default folders of Open, Save, Save As are now the path of the last opened project



  • Graphics issue where the UI would get cut of at the bottom
  • Audio Cues would not load when adding many cues



  • Save the order of global snapshots
  • Show active and next cue in the status bar
  • Crash related to the editor of MIDI route cue
  • Moved bar with view sets down to make room for more View Sets
  • Fixed issue with Keyboard shortcuts not working after recalling View Set
  • Added option to remove and duplicate chain in the right-click menu in the navigator panel
  • Drag & drop bug



  • Fixed issue where plugins would show up with no input or outputs
  • Fixed issue with selecting audio device on OSX



  • Improvements to OSC commands
  • Audio routing popup menu would show wrong IO names
  • Improved bus names and IO names in audio patch
  • MIDI panic command is back
  • Added command to jump to the first cue and set it as “next”
  • Program is running with even higher system priority, to get rid of some dropouts
  • Option to turn on more threads in Audio & Midi setting. This function will use more cores but does not necessarily improve very low latency performance. Depends on the system.
  • Plugins loaded outside chains would default to mono. Now defaults to max io count.
  • Enabled audio inputs and outputs are now properly saved with the project.
  • Added option to save/load the enabled/disabled audio channels to / from a file
  • Fixed bug with controllers and MIDI channels
  • Fixed issues with Program Change messages and controller buttons
  • Added zoom in/out buttons to the Wire View (Also possible to set keyboard shortcut)
  • Made some changes to the Step Up and Step Down commands in the cue list to make them work even if nothing is selected.
  • Updated third party frameworks
  • Had to drop support for Windows XP (sorry)
  • Popup menus did not work with touch screen on windows 10
  • Midi channel selection not updated when creating a Midi send cue, with Patch change message



  • Crash when loading project with certain midi device setup
  • Crash of Slate Digital AU plugin
  • Crash of Sound Toys AU plugin
  • Some plugins with multi-channel show up as stereo
  • Pop up menu of Valhalla plugins got hidden
  • Crash when saving state of certain VST3 plugins
  • Generic plugin compatibility
  • The Go Next command will run the first cue if no cue is set as “Next”



  • Added Wire View, a new way to make audio connections
  • Changed plugin window loading to support more plugins
  • Freeze when changing settings of chains (I/O Count)
  • Focus the search field in the plugin menu on OSX
  • Crash when loading controller map pre-sets
  • MCDSP AE600 Fail
  • Latest Waves Shell fail.
  • Cue list auto scroll
  • Windows like cue lists and plugin disappears after switching off full screen
  • Crash when replacing plugin
  • Adding new cue list will show it
  • Crash when selecting midi trigger device in cue list
  • Fix crash with OSC controllers
  • Fix bug when saving while closing
  • Bug when saving chain to file
  • Small bugs with controller maps
  • Changes Cue List windows on OSX to improve resizing



  • Added display of project tempo in the top bar
  • Increased number of view sets that can be recalled my Midi/OSC controller to 32
  • When a project is opened and a plugin not found, you can now replace it with another plugin.
  • Ticks/crackles when adjusting input/output gain using controller
  • Added option (default on) to smooth the MIDI clock. It is now both averaged and rounded to avoid clock/tempo jitter
  • View Sets no longer hide status bar.
  • When there is not enough room to show all view sets in the top bar, you can now click on the down arrow button to see all view sets. In this drop-down box, the view sets can be re-arranged by drag and drop.
  • Issues with slate digital plugins and others related to opening plugin UI
  • Bug in Midi filter UI on some systems. (apparently related to desktop scale)
  • The bypass/on/off/mute/etc functions of the selected plugin can now be controlled via keyboard and hardware controllers.
  • Issue with ISO and global snapshot.  Bypass would turn on.



  • Hotfix for snapshots recalled with all parameters at zero.



  • OSC Controllers, please see this article on possible OSC commands
  • Possible to apply an exponential curve to controllers. This will improve the mapping for gain knobs for example.
  • Controller output (feedback to the hardware device) did not work properly with controller transforms in some situations.
  • Basic, written manual in PDF-format
  • Latency label in plugins would sometimes show negative values
  • Some plugins did not get their settings saved in snapshots
  • Issues with snapshots + fading in cues
  • Improvements to plugins that have multiple busses / IO
  • Various plugin compatibility issues
  • Updated 3rd-party frameworks



  • Fixed bug introduced in 2.0.0 breaking some plugins with multiple I/O



  • Improvements to Global Snapshot filter
  • Crash when adding chains
  • Label of audio channel does not show in the New Chain dialog

RC 2.1


  • New plugin scanner, should improve scan time and stability
  • Fixed bug in Midi Show Control, related to device ids

RC 2.0.1


  • Bug related to viewsets, where plugin windows won’t close
  • Fix for ASIO driver for Behringer x32 that was broken in 2.0

RC 2.0


  • Undocked windows stay on top of other applications on OSX
  • Loading/Close Project dialog stays on top of other applications on OSX
  • Crash when closing/switching view set
  • Snapshot filter in Plugin Snapshot Cue not saved
  • “Don’t load chunks” can’t be turned off in Plugin Snapshot Cue.

RC 1.9


  • Changes to plugin window show/hide code, to avoid rare crashes.
  • Settings does not get cloned when duplicating plugins/chains
  • Removed option to change plugin type in global snapshot. Not working as it should.
  • Avoided a crash in the global snapshot filter list
  • Updates to third party components.

RC 1.8


  • Isolated plugins did not get loaded correctly from saved project
  • Crash related to midi learn
  • Added a delay when closing plugin windows, needed for some plugins
  • Midi filter did not get saved in project
  • Controller transformations now show 1-127 for midi input transformation
  • Improvements to plugin scanner

RC 1.7


  • Fixed a few bugs in the Hardware Controller Editor
  • Fixed a bug where removing some types of plugins could lead to a crash

RC 1.6


  • Improved the MIDI panic code to avoid crash in Arturia (and maybe other) plugins.

RC 1.5


  • Fixed bug related to saving audio device settings
  • Fixed bug when recalling snapshots in the cue list (Kontakt 5 would crash) Kontakt still does not like to get rapid snapshot recalls without it finishing the load. Working with NI on this.

RC 1.4


  • Added option to send crash reports
  • Fixed bug when adding new chains
  • Removed ASIO DirectX driver from the list, as it crashes and is useless anyway.

RC 1.3


  • Improved colors of cue lists. The last fired cue is now marked as blue
  • Fixed a small bug where MIDI learn would work even if no midi device was selected
  • Bug with send windows to front/back on osx

RC 1.2


  • Cues got triggered twice when using buttons sending controller messages
  • Some improvements to the Cue Lists, step up/down, colours, etc
  • Possible crash with midi learn
  • New Audio Cues get file name as cue name
  • Possible crash when re-opening the plugin manager, right after scanning for plugins.
  • Crash on deleting a cue that is currently running, such as an audio or fade cue.

V2 RC 1.1


  • Fixed a bug where some plugins crash LiveProfessor when added to a chain. This was a corner case occurring if you tried to load a plugin with more outputs then inputs, and more outputs then the number of channels in a chain
  • Added option to set Cue List Numbers. For use with Midi Show Control
  • Fixed bug with transpose + key-zones
  • Cue lists no longer need to be “Armed” to be controlled by midi. If you need this functionality it can be turned on in the cue list settings window. (Cogwheel on the lower right)
  • In the controller transforms window, it is now possible to change values by entering text next to the sliders.
  • iZotope VST3 plugins would not show editor window
  • Added option to send Bank / Patch /Program change in Midi Send Cues. Select this message type in the dropdown on the left.

V2 RC 1


  • Audio Cues now have an option for stopping all other audio cues when starting, this can be used to create a «playlist-style» cue list.
  • Audio Cues can now loop
  • Chains now have an icon indicating the number of channels in the chain bus
  • Templates no longer shows up under Recent Projects
  • First cue list created in a project is now armed by default
  • Renaming chains, now updates the names of plugins that have their UI-windows open.
  • Fixed several issues with the plugin manager.
  • Failed plugins can now be re-scanned by right clicking on them (If you forgot to put in the iLok or something)

V2 Beta 1.1

Date 12.04.16

Improvements to hardware controllers

  • Save / Load hardware controller to/from file (In controller settings window)
  • Save controller map presets along with controllers
  • Bug related to button toggle
  • Added option to delete controller by right click
  • Removed duplicate “Recall View Set1”

Other improvements

  • Added auto save feature under program options
  • Selecting chain scrolls it in view
  • Remove plugin from project in the navigator window could cause crash
  • Midi learn now ignores various special messages like active sense.
  • Updated underlying framework, and OSX SDK

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