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To get LiveProfessor to do something useful you need plugins.

The supported plugin formats are VST2, VST3 and AudioUnits (mac) 32 and 64 bit.

We will now assume that you have downloaded some plugins and installed them according to the plugin creators’ instructions.

Now you need to let LiveProfessor now where they are. This is done in the plugin manager

Plugin Manager

Open the plugin manager by going to the Options menu and selecting Plugin Manager.

Click “Scan For Plugins” and select one of the plugin formats to look for.
The VST formats lets you choose which folders to scan.

Once the scan completes you should see a list of plugins along with their status.
Make sure all license-dongles etc are connected when scanning starts

If the scanning should fail because of a plugin misbehaving, you can start the scan again, and the problem-plugin will be skipped.

You can remove the plugins you don’t need by selecting them (use shift to select multiple) right click and select Remove Selected Plugins.

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