• March 19, 2019 at 12:48 #5735

    I am using LP2 as a real-time host for my organ, which uses sounds from two sources: orchestral sounds from EastWest Play, and organ sounds from Hauptwerk.  I use the VST plug-ins from both, with 9 versions of the Play plug-in and 1 of Hauptwerk.  I was successfully using an old version of LP1 for live concerts until two months ago, when the system started to fail to handle complex and loud sounds.  Maybe an update to my Win10 PC caused the problem, I cannot tell.

    So I installed LP2, and reinstalled Play.  I still got the same problem until I checked the “Use more threads” box in the Audio set-up, whereupon the system works brilliantly (as before with LP1).

    However, I am unable to use the Hauptwerk VST.  As soon as I install the Hauptwerk plug-in, the DSP meter goes into the red, and the audio is unusable.  But, if I use the Hauptwerk plug-in alone in LP2 and uncheck the “Use more threads” box, Hauptwerk works with no problems.  Trouble is, I need to use both Play and Hauptwerk simultaneously, and that seems to be impossible because one requires “Use more threads” and the other mustn’t.

    Any suggestions?

    March 20, 2019 at 02:37 #5736

    Hi Sorry to hear about the problems.

    First some explaining, when “More Threads” are off, most of the audio processing is done sequentially, that is plugin/chain nr 1 then plugin/chain nr 2 and so on. This will mostly run on one processor core, users have reported that, although this uses fewer cores it results in lower latency.
    Then in other cases, tests have shown that when “more threads” are on, you can load the system much more.
    in this mode, each signal chain is split up into tasks and all processor cores work at the same time.

    The processing threads run at the very highest priority in the operating system.

    Could it be that Hauptwerk, creates its own threads and somehow interfere with LiveProfessor?

    Are there any settings in Hauptwerk to tune its resource usage?

    March 20, 2019 at 11:42 #5737

    Hi Nikolai, thanks for your response.

    I can’t find any settings in Hauptwerk, nor anything in the manual.  It works fine in LP2 with unchecked box “Use more threads”, but crashes the audio if I check the box whilst Hauptwerk VST is loaded.   Play and Hauptwerk used to work fine together in LP1, but something changed in January.   I’m only trying to combine the audio outputs, no additional processing.

    April 11, 2019 at 11:59 #5779

    Interestingly I have discovered that when I use Dante Virtual Soundcard the DSP buffer maxes out running very few plugins / chains when use more threads is enabled. Unchecking the use more threads box gives a much more stable system at 23% DSP use at 512samples 48kHz for the same number of chains/plugins.

    Does Dante Sound card not like sharing resources ?

    MacBook Pro i5 8Gb RAM


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