• March 4, 2019 at 11:35 #5708

    hi, I’m loving liveprofessor 2 and I’m definitely going to buy it. Just one issue. The plug-in guis are absolutely tiny compared to pro-tools etc. Is there anyway to make them bigger whilst keeping the LP gui the same size?

    March 5, 2019 at 13:12 #5709

    Hi, unfortunately, this is a known issue that is hard to find a single solution for.
    I’m guessing you are on windows 10, and on a 4K screen, or another hi-resolution monitor.
    The short answer is, take the windows resolution down, and bring the “scale” setting in windows display settings down.

    Now you are probably thinking, why is it fine in Pro Tools then? I’ll try to explain.

    As of the later years when high-resolution screens have come in to play, (much like retina on macs) the OS sets the resolution up very high (everything gets smaller)

    Then all applications should scale up to have the right size and look sharp and clean.
    Old apps, that don’t support this (like I guess pro tools) just get scaled up by windows, this includes their plugins.
    But since LiveProfessor does work in this new way, old plugins will not get scaled by windows.

    So until every plugin vendor creates and update, it is doomed to be this way am afraid. again quick fix is to lower resolution and set the windows scale to 100%



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