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    I am looking for a pickup function for controllers.
    They always seem to be absolute. I also don’t think I am missing something here so let me explain:

    For example when I have 2 plugins mapped to a controller via “Only If selected” and I move from one plugin instance
    to the next one, the plugin value jumps immediately to the absolute value of the controller/(last edited value of the first plugin)
    when a knob on the controller is touched. (which renders this function kinda useless IMO.)
    95% of the time I want to adjust the value of the next plugin based on the already set value of that plugin.

    Which is why a “pick up” mode is needed: The value of the plugin doesn’t change until the controller
    moves through the value.(i.e. picks it up)

    Otherwise, it is impossible to follow the changes without opening the plugin to see the original value,
    remembering the value before touching the controller, going back to that value and
    start adjusting from there.

    The setting “Relative” doesn’t work for this either. It’s actually worse to follow what’s going on.

    (I hope it is clear what I mean. “CC Pick-Up Mode” should be an understandable term as it is
    a common option in a lot of other applications and DAWs.)


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    Yes, this is a good request. It would of course only apply to controllers with pots and faders.

    using encoders and motor faders, or OSC, this is not really a problem.

    October 27, 2018 at 13:03 #5550

    Glad to hear that. Actually, I tried this with (what I at least think is an) endless encoder,
    the Kenton Killamix Mini, and this didn’t work for me.

    Usually, I use stuff like the Bitstream 3X, which is indeed more old school. (i.e. simple Knobs n Faders)

    I will try it again with Maschine as soon as I am back in the studio, but for me, this would be an awkward workaround. So hopefully
    a pickup mode isn’t too hard to realize.


    October 27, 2018 at 19:09 #5551

    Thanks for sharing Nikolai .. 🙂

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