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    I’m using LP2 on livesound with an X32. I’m sending all 32 inputsignals via X-Dante card over ethernet to my windows 10 pc, then thru the chains of LP and back to the mixer. Now there are two questions for me:

    1. When I see, for example, that the time at the snare channel is 5.8ms, is it necesarry to adjust this time manually on my overheads and hihat mics, to prevent phase shift?

    2. With the dante network an the plugins I’ve 5.8ms input latency. But my outputlatency is about 10ms. What mean that and how can I get this lower?

    Thank you for your answers!


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    1 . If you got the same latency on all your LP chains then you should have the same latency on all channels when you back to X32 ?

    2 . Are you using Dante Virtual Soundcard as the audio interface on your PC for Live Professor use ?
    If yes, i guess that you have 5ms IN 5ms OUT = 10ms RTL
    Unfortunately, DVS is not really suitable for live real time processing on channels due to high latencies.

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    Agree to What @rapace312 said. If DVS is usable, kind on depends on the situation, but it is not the solution with the lowest latency for sure.

    As for latency on chains, in each chain there is a little display that tells the delay on that chain. it depends on the plugin. Most plugins have 0 delay, but some have internal buffers that add latency. In this case you can keeps the chains in sync using “groups” by clicking on the Clock symbol on the chain. All chains that are in the same group are kept in sync


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    Thank you for your answers.

    Yes, I’m using DVS. OK, so I think in the long term, it will be the best solution to buy a dante pci card.

    I’ve just done the latency adjustment for each channel. But I was not shure, I’ve LP2 doesn’t do that automatically in the background and when I’m doing it again on my chains, it’s done twice.

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    Just a suggestion, depending on your setup, the X32 USB card might get you lower latencies, their driver has been very reliable in my experience.

    DVS latencies are too high for anything other than reverbs/delays in a live environment.

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    Another interesting option if you need Dante is the new RME Digiface-Dante

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