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    I’m currently testing LP2 again, running 12 Inserts + 2 Send FX with a range of Fabfilter, Waves and UAD Plugins and I’m experiencing glitches / drop outs when I scroll through the chains or open and close plugin windows – not everytime but I can reproduce / provoke it on a constant basis.

    The DSP Meter in LP2 (I’ve read how it works) shows 20-30% CPU usage, task manager overall around 20, LP2 task lower. The overall CPU meter seems to have spikes at 40% if a glitch occures and I’ve monitored with LatencyMon and DPCLatency Monitor and there everything looks fine.
    I’m running over USB from a Soundcraft SI Madi USB Combo card on 32 Samples buffer size for a nice 5,2 ms round trip latency into an Intel NUC6i7KYK with the onboard Iris GPU but using a DisplayLink driver to use an external USB Touchscreen.

    Is there anything I can do to make the system / graphics more stable? Anything I could test?

    Right now I could only think of a) testing if the DisplayLink driver has something to do with it or b) lowering the plugin count :/

    Thanks guys, any help is appreciated!

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    I would guess that the display running over usb is taking resources from the audio running on the same usb bus.

    Try without the DisplayLink. Also you might be able to find a different usb port on the computer that is not shared.

    What computer is this?

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    Hi Nikolai,
    tried it with a regular HDMI display and also checked USB busses for seperat bus for the interface – to no avail 🙁

    Computer is an Intel NUC6i7KYK – i7-6770HQ processor with 4x 2,6 Ghz and 8 threads.

    I send you a video documenting this attached to a support ticket – did you receive it?

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    Then I’m a bit lost on how to get around this on that machine.

    There is an article here:


    But I guess you have been over those things.

    Updating graphics driver ?

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    Does buffer size affect it at all?

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    I tried it yesterday – yeah upping the buffer size makes the glitches harder to reproduce and go away.

    I switched Win10 into Tablet mode and out and did some fast switching between on screen windows. That seems to provoke it – so I suggest it is a windows / graphics related problem?
    I switched off all transparency and animation settings windows has, the whole pc is tweaked for audio but I still can’t get rid of it :/

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    I have mixed a small show of some friends’ band with the setup to test in a live environment. I multitracked it over a second card and also recorded the Main – here is a short snipped with the glitches occuring.


    I double checked the single tracks if the glitch is recorded in any single channel – none is.

    Here is the same project screen captured (no sound, signal is pink noise) showing CPU usage and provoking glitches with fast window open/close and other UI / graphic things: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SHd4grJEL9kRmqNb93oc_X13t9w1qpsZ

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