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    for live use, I need to set Master Volume Out from the Keyboard (preferably using CC07). While a lot in LP can be automated, I found no easy way to assign MIDI CC07 to LP’s output volume. I finally managed it, but I am curious to see if my solution is overly complex because I overlooked something easy. Let me know what you think:

    My rack contains 3 chains, where each one holds a different synth.

    a) Set a MIDI Filter to remove all incoming CC07 (volume change), to prevent unwanted “feedthrough” to the Plugins (I found plugins react differently to incoming CC07 volume)
    b) Create 3 Controllers (one for each synth), fader type, map them to “Output Gain” of each chain
    c) set the individual volume of each synth by editing the output limit value on the “Edit Controllers” page (important when using “stacked” sounds)

    So far this works, but I found it somewhat complicated, especially setting the chain mix with procedure c). And: How can the individual Controller Settings, for each cue, be saved and recalled?

    Is there an easier way?

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    That is one way.

    You could also add a fourth chain and route your three chains into this “master chain”, and control the output gain of this.
    This would also let you apply processing on the master.

    Or you could use the mixer plugin found here:


    route the chains to this and control it using you midi controller.


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    thanks very much for the fast response! I have downloaded the mixer plugin for future use, but at this time the proposed solution with a 4th “Master Chain” does exactly what I was looking for. It is much easier than my original way and offers master processing (e.g. reverb). Very nice!

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