LiveProfessor is designed to be an effect rack of VST-plugins and we have created it specifically with live sound in mind.
The concept is very simple, yet extremely flexible. Using a ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST-plugins in any order and way you like.
The program supports snapshots of all settings, for easy switching between songs. LiveProfessor also has advanced MIDI routing and manipulation features, and can be controlled using hardware controllers or Midi Show Control.

LiveProfessor 2 Beta

LiveProfessor 2 is currently in public beta. We urge all new and old users to try this new version as it greatly improves functionality and also works on your Mac

Snapshot automation

LiveProfessor has extensive snapshot automation. Choose between snapshots that recall individual plugins or global snapshots that recall the entire state of a project.

Hardware controllers

LiveProfessor has an extensive system for using hardware controllers to control plugin parameters and program functions.
We have tried to make the system as flexible as possible, but at the same time making it quick and easy to use.
In addition each control can be tweaked to respond just the way you like.

Cue lists

The cue list helps you change LiveProfessor’s settings during a performance.
Examples of cue types are recalling a snapshot, changing the audio patch, sending midi messages, changing tempo, etc. Typically you have one or more cues pr. Song and step thru the list during the show to recall the right settings for each song.

Midi Modifiers

Each plugin has a set of powerful Midi Modifiers. These are especially useful for keyboard players, with functions such as transpose, key-zone and filter.


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