Updated LiveProfessor 2, adding features and fixing bugs

Updated LiveProfessor 2 to “RC1”
This release adds a few features and fixes some bugs reported since last release.

  • Audio Cues now have an option for stopping all other audio cues when starting, this can be used to create a «playlist-style» cue list.
  • Audio Cues can now loop
  • Chains now have an icon indicating the number of channels in the chain bus
  • Templates no longer shows up under Recent Projects
  • First cue list created in a project is now armed by default
  • Renaming chains, now updates the names of plugins that have their UI-windows open.
  • Fixed several issues with the plugin manager.
  • Failed plugins can now be re-scanned by right clicking on them (If you forgot to put in the iLok or something)

Downloads are here

There are still some known issues, and the complete list can be here