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    According to Nikolai’s suggestion here I thought it’s a good idea starting a new thread trying to collect ideas / sugestiosn for keyboard players using Live Professor for anyone to join in.

    Ok, my first idea:

    I often use split keyboard setups, that is, playing VSTi1 from C-1 to Bb2, VSTi from C3 to …etc…
    Easy with the Key Zone learn, thanks for this btw. (something I was missing from my ‘other’ host).

    It’s often that the split parts are octave-transposed (e.g. one or two octaves up or down, for playing the right key range), I actually never use semitone transpose for this.

    Octave transpose we can now do already via the semitone transpose in the Modifiers section, would just be a little quicker if we also had octave transpose there.

    Nothing super important, would just be a little workflow enhancer…

    Sorry, I just noticed you can enter a figure directly (e.g. +12, -24) in the Transpose section instead of using the + / – buttons. That’s almost as quick as having dedicated octave buttons, so you can forget about this suggestion. 🙂

    February 26, 2016 at 21:52 #3475

    I have been thinking about adding a new view like the chain/audio patch/cue lists views.
    Have not designed this yet, but was thinking this could have some sort of visual representation of the keyboard, so that you could drag out zones and transpose them from a central place.

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