Changes to the licensing model

For the past five years, all updates to LiveProfessor have been free.
Users who purchased a license in 2016 have benefited from free updates until late 2021.

This practice will not be sustainable in the long run. Any software needs to be constantly worked on to stay compatible with the latest computer hardware, audio hardware and plugins.

This is why I have now decided that updates are free for two years (24 months), and after that, an update would have to be purchased.

Just to be clear, this is not a subscription. If you purchase a new license today, any version up until today and any new version released in the next 24 months will work with your license for as long as you want. If, after two years, there is a new version that you want to upgrade to, you will have to upgrade your license to use the new version.

Although it has been a great pleasure to provide free updates to everyone, I believe this is the right decision to secure continued development and support.


Will the software stop working after 24 months?
No, the license is perpetual, meaning you can run all the versions it applies to for as long as you want.

How can I purchase an upgrade?

If your license does not cover the latest version, there is an option to upgrade from within the software.
You can also upgrade your license from within the My Account -area on

I can’t log in to MyAccount
Please create a ticket here:, and we will sort it out.