Expanded Transport Functionality?

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Expanded Transport Functionality?

Postby RichardBarley » Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:54 am

Hey folks!

So I am using Live Professor as a DSP engine on one machine @ FOH, (dLive w/ Dante, Dante PCIE chassis to thunderbolt on a mac mini.) I am running a second instance at our web broadcast desk on another computer (Dante to DVS on a Mac Pro because Latency is less of an issue there.) We are also running Reaper on that second machine for multitrack recording.

I have worked out midi protocols for Reaper to be controlled via embedded cues on the FOH console, and would like to link transport status/function in the Live Professor instance that is running at FOH, mostly as a recording status/visual aid (so FOH doesn't have to walk back to the broadcast room to confirm active recording/transport moving.)

SO - I've set up Live Professor @ FOH as a Control Surface in Reaper, and have set up Reaper as a control surface in Live Professor @ FOH, and now have *basic* transport toggle/clock link, *kind of.*

IE my record/stop definitely starts/stops the Live professor transport buttons and clock, however: 1) it is merely a toggled status. meaning that if someone accidentally left live professor transport in a running state, reaper record activation will only pause the live professor transport. and 2) Live Professor doesn't necessarily reflect the *actual* clock position in reaper. Merely elapsed time since start.

What I would like to see happen:

1) Add a record button - I realize this isn't necessarily useful as an internal function for Live Professor, but it is extraordinarily useful if you are using live professor to control other stuff, IE a DAW via OSC.
2) The option to either *display* internal clock *OR* MTC/MTC over OSC, (or SMPTE,) (or even both would be useful in some instances.)

Having played a bit with MTC, it looks like the only thing it's good for is tap synchronization currently.



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Re: Expanded Transport Functionality?

Postby nikolai » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:08 am

I see your point, but I feel this would be better to implement as a plugin ?
"Transport Remote VST" ?
As for MTC LiveProfessor only has MIDI Beat Clock (MBC) implemented.
This, as you figured out, only syncs tempo, or it counts beats, so it is not time code, is was meant to keep tap delays etc in time with some external device.
I'll give your situation some thought, and see if there is an elegant way to solve this.
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Re: Expanded Transport Functionality?

Postby RichardBarley » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:39 am

Absolutely! A plugin would work perfectly. The only real caveat there is that you'd need to make sure OSC strings are being forwarded to the plug input for clock.

Thanks for considering!

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