Audio routing

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Audio routing

Postby Gtrshop » Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:41 pm

I've used Live Professor - mostly as a VSTi host.

I'm working on updating my gaming sim, and was looking for a way to assign certain applications to certain audio devices, and further to be able to pan hard left and right, to further isolate certain audio feedback.

Can Live Professor manage audio ins and out on different cards AND pan them as I need? I was looking at the Chevolume software, but even that falls short.
Currently I have two sound devices.. the onboard Realtek 5.1 card (which up until yesterday I never used), and an MOTU 828/firewire device - my main audio device.

My intention was to have main simulator audio through the MOTU to a left/right pair, and then assign things like TeamSpeak and Voice Attack to a secondary audio device, and further assign those apps to a left or right channel.

I may run into troube with the REALTEK, Im not sure if it has ASIO mainboard does have an optical out, but I dont know that helps the sitaution any. Just because that is onboard doesn't mean ASIO drivers are being used.

THanks for the read.

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Re: Audio routing

Postby nikolai » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:55 pm

On OSX you can create an "Aggregated device", but I guess you are on windows?
Then the only way I know is to use ASIO4ALL, it can combine sound devices in to one device.
Once you get all audio in to LiveProfessor you should be able to pan/route as you like. Maybe you will need some plugins, like the mixer plugin I have posted on this forum.
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