Window not integrated no "pin on top" possible?

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Window not integrated no "pin on top" possible?

Postby Mii » Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:05 pm

Hi, first off let me say I am glad to have this program I use it to host all my VSTs which is over 400. I am really glad to have the program it works like a charm.
And this is almost my first post here. So hello.
The Reason I come here some questions to ask:
I have noted several system integrations which Live Professor is seriously flawed by lacking.
Here are a few:
The Windows are not integrated. Though they show transparency with my transparency program, they do not offer any "pin on top" capability which I have in at last check, every other program I run in Windows.

My other main "integration" issue is that I have no way to always go to the Live Professor 2 sessions folder. Seems it always directs me to the main User folder (which contains that session folder) in order to save or open the sessions and chains.

Is this normal? Is there a chance there is something wrong with my installation? Does anyone else observe these problems? :?:

Also any way to get an avatar on my account? I tried inputting some web addresses, but it is just too small and the only web addresses are all google avatars for 80 x 80 avatars.

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