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Steven Slate Drun Trigger

Postby Soundbeast » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:48 pm

Hey everyone.

I'm running a Behringer X32 with Live Professor on a Mac Book Pro Mid 2012 i5 core with 16gb Ram.
Yesterday I tried installing SSDrum trigger on the Mac but no luck. It seems Slate and Apple are having some license issues. So it would not install.

I came up with a fix by right clicking on the loader file to give permission for it to run. It then installed. The problem after this was that Live Proffessor would not load the VST file from the plugin folder.
So I have Drum Trigger installed on another Mac. Under Live Proffesors search for new VST I sent it to the other Macs plugin/vst folder. It loaded!!
When I disconnected the net work Ofcourse Drum trigger would not load nor was it even there.

I had to copy that plugin/vst folder and paste and overwrite the plugin/vst folder on the Mac Pro mid 2012. After I did another VST search from Live Professor it now sees it from the Mac min 2012 drive/folder.

Anyone else's have a easyer fix??


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