i think flash is causing chipset latency

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i think flash is causing chipset latency

Postby anwaypasible » Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:16 am

last week i started getting clicks and pops, when before i wasn't getting any.
even my magicjack (usb telephone) was starting to choke and have dropouts.

i've read LatencyMon is better than DPC latency for software to use because it tells you what driver is causing the latency.

so here i am using it and it reports
highest reported ISR routine execution time is dxgkrnl.exe (directX graphics kernel)
highest reported DPC routine execution time is USBPORT.SYS

the listed drivers with the highest latency are as follows..
USBPORT.SYS (usb 1.1 & 2.0 port driver)
ntoskrnl.exe (NT kernel & system)
nvlddmkm.sys (nvidia windows kernel mode driver)
dxgkrnl.sys (directX graphics kernel)

i know liveprofessor is for live use.. but i use it with asio4all and virtual audio cable as a vst host for processing all the audio on my computer (whether it is a youtube video.. pandora.. or the line input from the satellite box while watching television)

i'm just curious if i'm the only one or if others are experiencing the same sort of latency issues.

one thing i checked was the virtual audio cable control panel because it tells me about buffer underruns or overflows.
i'm not seeing any increase in underruns or overflows when the pops and crackles occur.

there was a recent patch for windows 7.. i thought my magicjack troubles were gone because the dropouts went away.. but today my mother called and the phone didn't even ring the phone or the speakers.. just the little software application popped up (which i missed because i was watching television)

i've been running the latencymon tool this weekend and when i run it the dropouts are severe.
what do you call that digital noise of the buffer that wangs like a chip is connected to the wrong pins on the circuit board?
i dunno.. i can't spell out the sound to you but it sounded like a total complete dropout.

i went through the windows 7 tweaking list, but i didn't follow every instruction because i use this computer daily on the internet.
besides.. i could have just the latencymon software running and no other open programs going and the latency for ISR is showing the directX kernel as being the highest reported.
my graphics card is a nvidia gtx260 core 216 (not some crappy onboard video card)

asio4all is acting up.
it runs fine at 64 samples (with pops every now and again) but at 2048 samples it runs with lots of crackling.
this is for listening to the line input from the satellite box (satellite radio)
i don't know about streaming the internet and using 64 samples.

but the point is..
what is going on?
did the programmer gurus suddenly stop talking to eachother and now they are creating havoc?
am i being punished? because i've seen a lot of that, even though it wasn't justified.

i understand i own the motherboard, but there isn't much i can do if the chipset isn't being fully utilized because of lousy programming.

maybe somebody can come along and offer some advice|suggestion?
my DSP usage in liveprofessor says i'm bouncing from 3% - 11%

i'm afraid the pops and clicks are causing unnecessary aging to my processing components.
and i admit they are starting to sound annoying.

like is there any way i can maybe boost the priority of those system drivers and prevent them from being the cause of latency?

i feel helpless and hopeless, but i'm here asking.


oh i know how i could explain that sound.. it sounds like a woodpecker pecking on wood.
nature.. time.. and patience are the three great healers
Posts: 125
Joined: Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:59 am
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Re: i think flash is causing chipset latency

Postby anwaypasible » Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:53 am

well i was using internet explorer 11
i switched to google chrome browser and a range of flash problems went away.

when i was reinstalling the operating system for somebody's computer about a month ago,
it was windows vista and the latest internet explorer browsers for vista is 9
i went to youtube to do a visual test of the system performance and there was problems.
fresh install of the operating system, less than a day old, and the progress slider for the video kept rewinding by itself and then the video would skip to the next video in the que all on its own.
switched to google chrome on that system and the problem went away.

apparently internet explorer and flash are starting to lose their grip together.

i was running google chrome and checked the latency, it was still showing spikes that could render buffer dropouts.. but i wasn't hearing any.

it might seem a bit dumb to say.. but if you are experiencing any of the sort, try the chrome browser.
one thing if you follow me any..
the chrome browser doesn't work with virtual audio cable, you get no audio.
so i got pandora running in internet explorer and video chat running on google chrome.

i don't know if pandora is flash or what.. but i didn't have any cracks and pops with it until i started video chatting.
since i'm listening to my own music anyways, it doesn't bother me to not hear the audio from the webcam website.

sorry for spamming up your forum nikolai
i hope you get the registration emails from the new forum fixed.
nature.. time.. and patience are the three great healers

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