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    Hi !
    I’ve started to use an old UC33 MIDI controller to have knobs and faders to play with while using LP2. I’ve mananged to map a controller in LP2 and everything seems to work. I’d like to control input and output gain of the chains with this MIDI device and the curve is a bit strange. Even if I use the log curve option in the controller, I reach 0dB on the input or ouput far to early on the physical fader of the controller. (with the linear curve it’s even worse, which is quiet logic … if I understood what a log curve is). The gain of the chain is at 0dB when the MIDI control change of sends 63.
    When I try to control, for exemple the mikser plugin which I also sometimes use, everything works fine and the OdB of the plugin matches the supposed 0dB position of the physical fader on the controller (when the MIDI control change sends 100).

    The same behaviour occurs with the knobs of the controller if I map a physical knob instead of a physical fader on the controller to the input or output gain of the chains. I reach 0dB of gain on the chain (input or output) way before the standard 0dB of the physical knob.

    Could this be that input and output gain goes from -inf to +12dB (whereas on the mikser plugin gain goes only to +6dB)?

    I could solve the output gain control issue by using the mikser plugin but I’d rather use the output gain directly cause I prefer not adding a plugin if it’s not a real necessity. And still I didn’t find a workaround for the input gain control problem.

    Maybe the min and max value of input and output gain could be parameters to be set in the project options or audio options so I could set the max to +6dB (instead of +12dB)?

    Anyway, I’d take any idea to be able to map correctly the curve of the physical faders of my controller on input and output gain of chains.


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