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    good day, this is my first post here. i downloaded LP trial a while ago but this has lapsed. i’m looking to buy the full license and use with X32. can someone please point me to any video on write up that can guide me please

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    Hello Elibra,

    You have two possibilities to use LP with X32 if you have the usb card slot (on the X32).


    First one, you can use LP as insert using the AUX in/out of the X32 (it will provide you 6 insert max). To do it you have to use this setup :


    On X32 :

    ROUTING/home Tab   =>   Aux in Remap : Card 1-6

    ROUTING/aux out Tab   =>   AUX Out 1 to 6 : Insert

    ROUTING/card out Tab   =>   Outputs 1-8 : Aux 1-6/Mon


    In LP :

    Options/Audio & Midi Option/Audio Device Settings    =>  set Output @ Input to X-USB


    Then you just have to create 6 mono chains or 3 stereo chains in LP and route it to the 6 first input and 6 first output.

    In the X32, make sure that the Aux in 1 to 6 are muted and the level is down (you will not use it in this configuration). Then select the channel you want insert in LP and congfigure the insert in AUX1 or 2 or 3 or … in the Congig/Preamp tab and make sure than the insert is activated !


    The interest : using the same X32 for FOH and MONITOR in live session, you can put the insert in post-comp/pre-fader (named “Post” into config/preamp tab) and the BUS sends of MONITOR in post-eq, then you’ll not have the influence of the insert on the MONITOR.

    Second interest : You can use insert on the channel of your choice, but it will only provide you 6 insert.


    Second one is using LP by bank of 8 channels and route it directly to LP before processing the sound into the X32. In this case, use this setup :


    On X32 :

    ROUTING/card out Tab   =>  set Outputs 1-8 (…) to Local 1-8 (…) (or AES50 if you use stagebox)

    ROUTING/home Tab  =>  set Inputs 1-8 (…) to Card 1-8 (…) (depending of how many channel you want to route to LP)


    In LP :

    Same Setup than first solution.


    Now you have to create 8 or 16 or … chains in LP and route it to input 1-8, 1-16, … (depending of how many channel you want to use) and to output 1-8, 1-16, …

    In the X32 you will have to go to the Setup/preamps Tab to adjust the gain of the channel you’ll use on LP.


    The interest : You can use plugins on the 32 channels of the X32, but it will influence the sound you will send through the BUSes including the latency create by the processing of the plugins.


    Hope it will help you

    Enjoy 😉

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