LiveProfessor 2.2.0 with new features

LiveProfessor has been updated to version 2.2 

See the complete list of changes here 

Improved Audio Cues 

Version 2.2.0 improves playback of audio files using audio cues.
There are now two new cue types, Stop Audio Cue and Fade Audio Cue.
The stop cue simply stops the selected audio file, while the fade cue sets a new level with an optional fade time
The fade cue can also stop the audio cue when the fade is complete to create fade outs. 

Photo: @alexanderperfilyev

Photo: @alexanderperfilyev

Listen Bus 

There is now a “L” button on chains and plugins inside chains. 

When this button is on the signal from that chain or plugin is sent to a special Listen Bus, like the PFL/Cue buttons on mixing consoles.
If you route this bus (in the audio patch window) to the phones output of your sound card, you can listen to individual plugins in headphones without affecting the audio going to the main outputs.
In addition, there is an option in Project options that lets this button work as a Solo button for the chains, muting all chains that are not in Solo.  

Hide/Show plugins in Plugin Manager 

When right clicking on plugins in the Plugin Manager there is now an option to hide/show plugins. Hidden plugins will not show up in the Add Plugins menu inside LiveProfessor. These plugins are saved in a separate list, so they will not show up again on rescan. 

Midi Triggers in Global Snapshots 

Global snapshots can now directly be midi triggered without using the cue lists.
Each snapshot has a midi button, where you can “Learn” a midi message. The global snapshots trigger from all midi devices, perfect for quick and simple linking to other hardware devices like mixers snapshots lists.