LiveProfessor 2.1.3

LiveProfessor was updated to version 2.1.3 on november 7.

This release fixes bugs reported by users since the last version, but should also improve performance.

We recommend all users to upgrade to this new version whenever your production schedule allows it.

Here are the changes since 2.1.1  (31.07.17):

The complete change log can be found here

  • Fixed issue with selecting audio device on OSX
  • Improvements to OSC commands
  • Audio routing popup menu would show wrong IO names
  • Improved bus names and IO names in audio patch
  • MIDI panic command is back
  • Added command to jump to the first cue and set it as “next”
  • Program is running with even higher system priority, to get rid of some dropouts
  • Option to turn on more threads in Audio & Midi setting. This function will use more cores, but does  not necessarily improve very low latency performance. Depends on system.
  • Plugins loaded outside chains would default to mono. Now defaults to max io count.
  • Enabled audio inputs and outputs are now properly saved with the project.
  • Added option to save/load the enabled/disabled audio channels to / from a file
  • Fixed bug with controllers and MIDI channels
  • Fixed issues with Program Change messages and controller buttons
  • Added zoom in/out buttons to the Wire View (Also possible to set keyboard shortcut)
  • Made some changes to the Step Up and Step Down commands in the cue list to make them work even if nothing is selected.
  • Updated third party frameworks
  • Had to drop support for Windows XP (sorry)
  • Popup menus did not work with touch screen on windows 10
  • Midi channel selection not updated when creating a Midi send cue, with Patch change message